Are you a gifted thought-leader, with a passion for cross-disciplinary idea development?

Welcome! You just found a boutique for big bright tailor- made vision maps. Multiple gifts and passions are both wonderful and challenging for RENAISSANCE SOULS on their professional journey. I am here to support you as a visual thinking partner, if you want to take your work to the next level.

Bring your many ideas.  See the rich connections and explore the powerful possibilities.  Go home with a clear and inspiring picture of your career, business, or change project that will help you to focus as you move forward into action. 

I understand what it takes to believe in unusual ideas.  I know what it really means to take your ideas seriously, all of them.  I get how personal it is to share your new ideas in their early stages of development. I love what happens if you start making your ideas visible to yourself and the world, and see the difference that you can make. 



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Do you crave an enriched career or business situation that taps into more of your gifts, multiple passions and evolving ideas?

Do you find your current work too flat for the multi-dimensional changes that the world needs?

Is it difficult to get your clients, partners or employees on board for ideas that are completely clear to you?

Have you lost touch with some of your essential interests, that might be the missing colors on your palette for bright success? 

Are you frustrated that you didn’t hear one clear linear “calling”, instead of the wide range of soundbites that you are getting?

Are you getting bored, because you miss a clear picture of your next Renaissance Soul project?


Do you need to channel your ideas and dreams onto paper, so you can see how they fit together?

Are you ready to make your invisible gifts visible?

Would you like to develop a Renaissance Soul leadership strategy?

Would you like to feel that you are equipped to juggle your different talents, and express your highest potential?

Do you need a big visual reminder in front of you to make your vision an everyday priority?

What is possible if you were able to invite others to collaborate with you by starting an engaging conversation, supported by your vision map? 

Do you realize how energizing and meaningful it is to commit to bringing your ideas together into a clear vision?